Whole Smelt S/M - 11 lbs

Whole Smelt S/M - 11 lbs

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  • IQF, Whole, Untouched, Frozen
  • Wild Caught in Canada
  • Raw, not breaded


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Product Description

Whole smelt -- Individually Quick Frozen (IQF).  That means they are frozen individually and not stuck together. A few will of course get stuck together but it's not a huge block of fish. They are in one bag inside a box, not individually packaged.

Whole (or round) means they are caught and frozen immediately. They are not cleaned, gutted, scaled, etc. These smelt are expected to be about 2 - 3 inches but they could vary more than that.

PLEASE NOTE: these are wild animals and the grading for these are sometimes off and sizes can vary. NO REFUNDS due to size--I do not guarantee you will have all fish 2 - 3". If you need it to be exact, don't buy these.

Smelt have been in very short supply the last few years and they have been running small when we do get them. No large or jumbo smelt are expected next year either. We have had to take what we can get so they are not packed in smaller bags or vac packed like we have provided in the past. I know people will order this and complain that a few years ago they were in smaller bags. These are not, they are in an 11 pound bag inside our standard 11 pound box.