WalleyeDirect.com was created to bring the distinctive delicate taste of walleye to the connoisseurs across the country. We soon realized that there was no regular source of freshwater fish for consumers who wanted to purchase fillets online other than fishing for themselves. We have expanded to provide yellow perch, sunfish or bluegills, crappie, rainbow trout, northern pike, lake whitefish, rainbow smelt, and we even sell bullheads. Our goal is to be the best online freshwater only fish market. We offer delivery to your doorstep for frozen and fresh fillets using the best packaging of any of our seafood competitors.

You may have heard about some seafood species (tuna, swordfish, etc.) which are being dangerously over-fished to the point of extinction. However, your freshwater fish are wild caught in pristine northern lakes of Canada using sustainable harvesting practices. Canada’s lakes are well managed, unpolluted, and have an abundance of freshwater fish.

Safe, modern handling from the lake to the table provides optimal quality product. The harvest is iced down, taken to delivery points, and rushed to the packing plant. Facilities strategically located across the Canadian freshwater fishing region receive, grade, re-ice, pack and ship to market. The fish are then carefully sealed in plastic, packed with dry ice in an insulated box, and stored in a refrigerated area before shipping.

Check out our FAQ’s if you have further questions, emails are answered in 24 hours at the latest, and we have a toll free number 877-CA-WALLEYE. We get all sorts of questions and can handle unique requests for restaurants, caterers, and corporate gifts. Please send your favorite recipes and pictures and we’ll publish your name on our site.

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