Credit Card safety

Walleye Direct does not save any credit card numbers at all. In fact we never see the numbers you enter into the website other than the last 4 digits. So if you need a refund or want us to "just bill your card" we can not without getting the number again. This is best for your security and also complying with PCI standards that any company that accepts credit cards is required to follow. Please do not email your credit card number to us with all of your information--the safest way is to enter it into the appropriate field on the website.

Secure shopping with SSL. I won't bore everyone with the details, but in a nutshell--yes, we have it. You can see the emblem on the bottom of the site from and as soon as you start the shopping process the URL on the top goes from http: to https:. That means you are now in a secure area and your information is safe and encrypted.

Customer information

We will never sell or give your information to any other company for any reason. Phone numbers as you order are only used for the delivery service and to call you about any issues with the order. For example, we are temporarily out of stock or the address is not recognized by UPS.

Emails are used to send a receipt and tracking information for that order but if you don't want a receipt or tracking info, you can use a fake email or Emails are added to our monthly newsletter list during the ordering process but can be opted out of the list at that point--we are not trying to trick anyone. There is an unsubscribe link on all of them.

Also subscribers can unsubscribe at any point using a link provided on every email and you're are off the list with one click--no spam. If you are getting any emails that you don't want, just reply from that email and let us know. We may use your address to send out a letter or postcard at some point, but have only done that once in the past two years.

SMS and sending marketing text messages

This is opt-in only from a pop up on the site, we don't add anyone to the list. We also don't sell or let anyone else use the list beside us. There is an opt out on every message as well. Reply STOP to stop receiving SMS messages from us. You should expect to receive 2-3 SMS messages per month and many times much less. Text and data rates may apply of course. We have to say that but most people have unlimited plans.