Sockeye Salmon - 5 pounds

Sockeye Salmon - 5 pounds

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  • Skin on Portions - Vacuum Packed
  • Wild Caught in Alaska, USA
  • 4-6 oz portions


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Product Description

Wild Caught Pacific Ocean Sockeye Salmon. 

Skin on 4-6 oz frozen and individually vacuum packed. Each fillet is cut for a perfect sized salmon portion and vacuum packed for freshness. 

5 pound box

You have been asking for salmon for a long time now and we have a reputation to uphold. This is caught in Bristol Bay Alaska by a family run company and processed by a co-op that several boats use. So the very highest quality salmon you can get. This is not the quality of salmon you can buy in the grocery store, this is more like a Pike's Fish Market quality and this was frozen immediately so in that way it's "fresher" than what you would taste anywhere outside of the Pacific Northwest during the salmon run.

If you are not familiar with wild sockeye it is much leaner and perhaps seems drier than farm raised Atlantic salmon.