Freshwater King Salmon - 5 pounds

Freshwater King Salmon - 5 pounds

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  • Skin on Portions - Vacuum Packed
  • Wild Caught in USA


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Product Description

Wild Caught Freshwater King (Chinook) Salmon. 6-8 ounce portions individually vacuum packed for freshness.

Packed in a 5 pound box.

You asked for salmon, so we are delivering. This particular salmon is unique in that it is wild caught in freshwater. More specifically in the Great Lakes (Mackinac Island region) by Native Amercian fishers. Most salmon migrate from rivers to the ocean and back, but Great Lakes salmon only live in freshwater their whole lives. This makes the texture of the flesh softer and the taste is more mild than saltwater king salmon. Mostly because they eat small fish called alewives rathe than shrimp in the ocean. While these were planted about 50 years ago they are now self-sustaining in the Great Lakes and of course all wild caught and sustainable.

As for taste, it is milder than wild caught Pacific salmon in some ways closer to farmed Atlantic salmon that you would normally buy at a grocery store.