Ruby Red Rainbow Trout - 5 lbs

Ruby Red Rainbow Trout - 5 lbs

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  • Skin on Fillets - Individually Frozen
  • Farm Raised in Canada
  • About 2 per pound


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Product Description

Frozen Ruby Red Rainbow Trout fillets-- 5 pound package of 8-10 ounce fillets. This used to be an 11 pound pack and we are testing repacking as 5 pounds to see if that works better so you aren't committing to as many meals.

Frozen, farm raised and as close to wild-caught as you can find for rainbow trout.

There is a lot of confusion with with rainbow trout and steelhead because they are the same species. These are considered Steelhead based on the pinkish/red color that they obtain from their diet. So the taste is similar to a milder salmon.

Rainbow Trout is the most popular freshwater fish in the US so we had to find the best source for our customers - give this a shot and you won't go back.