Sunfish / Bluegill Fillets - 5 lbs

Sunfish / Bluegill Fillets - 5 lbs

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  • Skin on Fillets - Frozen VacPack
  • Wild Caught in Canada
  • 15-20 fillets per pound


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Product Description

Sunfish / Bluegill fillets--5 pound box--headless, scaled, skin on frozen fillets. Vacuum packed in roughly 1 pound bags.

Bluegills go by many names depending on the area of the country--Sunfish, Brim, Bream, Pumpkinseed, Coppernose, call them what you want and order the wild caught frozen fillets here.

Sunnies are what I remember catching as a kid on family fishing trips and cabin weekends.  They bite like crazy when you find them and fight a good battle.  They aren’t as big as the walleye, but they are just as tasty—and with you don’t have to scale and clean the little ones. 

Because these are smaller fish the size of the fillets can vary with the season.  (It depends what we catch--sometimes bigger fillets, sometimes a bunch of little ones)