Whole Smelt Jumbo -- 24 lbs

Whole Smelt Jumbo -- 24 lbs

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  • Whole, Untouched, Frozen
  • Wild Caught in Canada
  • Raw, not breaded


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Product Description

Whole smelt -- frozen -- case of 12 (2 pound) jumbo packages

Whole means they are caught and frozen immediately. They are not cleaned, gutted, scaled, etc. Lake Superior jumbo smelt and EXPECTED to be 4"-8" (and 10-16 per pound) but not always --- PLEASE NOTE: these are wild animals that are caught and frozen on site and the size grading for these are sometimes off and sizes vary based on who decided they were jumbo or medium that day. NO REFUNDS due to size--I do not guarantee you will have all fish 4"-8". Sometimes you might get a box with nearly all of the fish at 3-5" which has happened recently. If you need all of them to be one size, this isn't the place for you. If you are willing the be loose on the size, then we keep our price low and reasonable.

Bait shops / Fishermen--sometimes the tails have broken off after they have been frozen. Almost all my complaints and bad reviews on this product are for people looking for bait. Please don't buy these as I do not want to deal with complaints. 

These are great for eating whole smelt and I have a lot of zoos, animal shelters, rehabiliation centers and such and they keep coming back.  Perfect for animals that rely on fish for their diet.