Spicy Cheesecurds - 5 pounds

Spicy Cheesecurds - 5 pounds

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  • Spicy Wisconsin Cheese


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Product Description

Wisconsin's finest white cheddar cheese curds dusted with a light jalapeno breading.

This is from the same place as the original breaded 5 pound cheese curds and they are also excellent. I wish I had tried them earlier because I like spicy foods. 

So if you like cheese curds and also prefer a spicy pepperjack on your sandwich this is probably the curd you're looking for. They are packed in a 2 X 2.5 lbs packages and are uncooked. These really should be deep-fried to get the best flavor.  I usually heat up the oil to 350 and cook for under 2 mins.  You want to catch it right before the cheese starts to leak out.  

I guess you could try an air-fryer or bake them, but it's breaded cheese so.....really you're not saving that many calories. Enjoy!